Drama School Audition Coaching Glasgow

My name is Mark Westbrook, I’m the Senior Acting Coach at Acting Coach Scotland.  I run Scotland’s only private acting studio, based in the city centre of Glasgow.

In the past two years, over 85% of our private coaching students have been offered a place at a prestigious drama school in the UK and the USA.

“Cannot express how grateful I am! You changed my life!”  Sarah MacGillivray (now doing the MA in Acting at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

I’m passionate about helping you to achieve your goal of getting a place at drama school and over the year of working as a professional theatre director and acting teacher, I’ve developed strategies and techniques that can build on your existing strengths to greatly improve your chances of getting that coveted drama school place.

“Mark truly cares about each student and only wants the best for them, which is very rare. After only a few short months with Mark I managed to get into a top acting school in New York. He’s not just a teacher he’s a life changer!” John Anthony Gorman (now at Atlantic Acting School)

Working with students from age 16 upwards to mature students over 50, we focus on developing killer monologues to impress any panel, audition interview skills and even run mock audition panels with real actors and directors giving you feedback, just like the real thing!

If that won’t prepare you, nothing will.

“After 3 years auditioning to get into the RCS, and being placed on the waiting list every year I knew I needed to find something that would tip the scale from being just “on the right track” to being exactly what they needed that year. I was familiar with the technique taught at ACS but it was only after Mark helped me apply it directly to my audition monologues that I began to see how much it actually worked. After working with Mark Westbrook on them I received an unconditional offer from RCS, a place at LIPA,  scholarships for GSA and AADA in New York, as well as getting signed with a great agent and getting professional workcannot recommend his classes enough. He teaches the only practicable technique I’ve come across. It’s a no bull-shit approach – and it works.”  Joanne Thomson (Joanne is now a first year at RCS)

Most of all, it’s not some arty-farty twaddle, it’s practical skills that you can learn and use, not airy fairy theories and fannying about.

“Mark, your voucher was the best Christmas present I’ve ever given. Alfie has just been offered the BA at RCS, plus the BA and another MA at Guildford. Thanks so much, my hunch paid off, you were the man for the job!” Kirsty Wellcoat (Alfie Wellcoat is now in 2nd year at RCS)

So, if you’re looking for practical training and advice on getting into drama school place, look no further than Acting Coach Scotland.

“The advice given is clear; something of a rarity. Mark’s ways of approaching text, even the most complicated, is unpretentious and straightforward. You leave each session with a concrete idea of where to go next.” Lorne Macfadyen - (will commence training at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Autumn 2012) – cast recently in Angel’s Share – Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize Winner.

Visit Acting Coach Scotland, or call on 0800 756 9535 today!